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piano accordion e-lessons is an educational website intended for accordion beginners who want to learn how to play piano accordion in a very simple way.

Song Chords and Lyrics

Chords for guitar and accordion and song lyrics are divided into categories that include different music genres: sevdalinkas, folk songs, traditional, old city, tamburitza and television songs.

Integral part of any song with lyrics and chords is as follows: song title, song lyrics and chords for accordion under the respective intonation that are found above the text.

Some of the songs includes also the name of interpreter.

Song titles are disposed alphabetically and may be filtered by default parameters.

Lyrics is generally comprised of the first paragraph, the refrain marked as 'REF:' and other paragraphs with refrains marked as 'REF...'.

Some of the songs from the repertoire do not include refrain as it is the case with all sevdalinkas.

Marks of the respective chords are, generally, found only above the text of the first paragraph and refrain. Other paragraphs are given without chords because they have the same chords.

Intonations of the songs may not match the intonation of the songs recorded discographically because of their adjustment to the lower voice capabilities.

Clicking on the specific link below, that includes category name with brief description and number of the songs included therein, you can choose genre from the music repertoire as you wish.

Sevdah and the songs in spirit of Sevdah (Bosna and Herzegovina)

Songs of the commercial folk music (Bosnia and Herzegovina & Serbia)

Songs of the folk tradition (Macedonia and Serbia)

Songs of music of old city (Serbia)

Songs on tamburitza (Croatia and Serbia)

Songs from the films and television series (Bosnia and Herzegovina & Serbia)