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piano accordion e-lessons is an educational website intended for accordion beginners who want to learn how to play piano accordion in a very simple way.


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Playing a melody may be supported using respective harmony that may be achieved by playing variety of chords. The chord is simultaneous sounding of many tones different in pitch.

The main chords in use are as follows:

  • a major, 
  • a minor, and 
  • the 'seventh' chord.

On piano accordion, the chords may be played on the keyboard and the basses. A chord on the keyboard is achieved by simultaneous pressing of many respective keys. Chords on the basses are played pressing only one respective bass key that provide the simultaneous sounding of many tones different in pitch.

In the 'Keyboard' section figures show the fingering using the numbers from one to five. For example, using numbers 1, 3 and 5 means that the respective chord is played with the first, the third and the fifth finger of one's right hand.

In the 'Basses' section vertical lines in different colors are used to mark respective chords on the basses. The orange implies major chord, the white one minor chord and the blue color is chord 'seventh'.

The section called 'Lyrics' provides practical implementation of the chords through repertoire of variety of musical genres.