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piano accordion e-lessons is an educational website intended for accordion beginners who want to learn how to play piano accordion in a very simple way.


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Keyboard can be found on the right-hand side of piano accordion. Integral parts of the keyboard are white and black keys.

Any key on the keyboard is played with the fingers on the right hand. White keys are used to play whole tones, while black keys are used to play semitones.

White keys on the keyboard are marked by letters C, D, E, F, G, A and H, while the black keys of the keyboard are marked by C#, D#, F#, G# and A# or by Db, Eb, Gb, Ab and B.

The names of the black keys are made depending on whether the white key is sharpen or flatten. Symbol for sharp tone is #, and for the flat tone is b. If tone C is sharpen by half tone, it results with tone C#. Tone Db occurs if tone D is flatten by half tone.

From the example above it is clear that C# and Db are the same keys, but marked differently. The same is referred to the relation between other white and black tones on the keyboard.

The number of keys on piano accordion may vary depending on the model of accordion. Keyboard of professional accordions includes total number of 41 keys, of that number 24 white and 17 black keys. Graphical presentation below presents the keyboard with the marks of white keys.

Accordion Keyboard

right-hand side